Risk assessment, the crucial stage with Qualimobi

When it comes to ensuring impeccable quality in every aspect of your business, meticulous risk assessment plays a central role. This approach is essential. It helps to keep operations running smoothly, guarantee customer satisfaction and stimulate growth. We’ll look in detail at the key stages in a successful risk assessment. To reinforce this approach, the quality control application for tablets, Qualimobi, is a powerful ally.

The development of a successful risk assessment

  • Risk identification : The very essence of risk assessment lies in the meticulous identification of each potentially disruptive element. With Qualimobi, the application provides an intuitive framework. This enables risks to be mapped, whether they are internal, such as hardware failures or human error. But also external, such as regulatory and technological developments.

  • Risk analysis : Once the risks have been identified, Qualimobi offers sophisticated tools for analysing their severity and probability. This feature allows you to prioritise risks. By helping you to focus your resources on critical points and develop targeted strategies

  • Consequence assessment : By examining the potential consequences of each identified risk, Qualimobi guides you in anticipating the impact on the quality of your products or services. But also on the safety of your employees, production lead times and much more. This perspective helps you prepare relevant action plans.

  • Development of action plans : Qualimobi’s power comes to the fore at this stage. Using the information gathered, the application facilitates the creation of detailed action plans to mitigate risks. From control procedures to operational improvements and staff training, Qualimobi effectively brings your strategies to life.

  • Implementation and monitoring : The final step in quality monitoring is the implementation of action plans. These plans must be followed by rigorous monitoring. Qualimobi provides real-time monitoring, detecting failure signals and enabling rapid adjustments. It’s the ideal application for turning your efforts into tangible results.


In the age of digital transformation, Qualimobi is emerging as an indispensable ally for companies seeking to control their risk assessment. By optimising each key stage, from identification to implementation, Qualimobi offers a complete and intuitive solution, propelling your quality control towards new achievements.

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