There are several reasons why carrying out quality checks using a mobile tablet can be advantageous:

1. Mobility

Mobile tablets make it possible to carry out quality checks directly in the field, without the need for a fixed workstation. This means that employees can easily move around the company or production site to carry out the necessary checks.

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2. Ease of use

Mobile tablets are generally equipped with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Employees can use applications specially designed for quality control, with features tailored to their needs. This makes the inspection process easier and more efficient.

3. Real-time data collection

Mobile tablets can be used to collect data in real time during quality checks. Information can be entered directly into the application on the tablet and synchronised with quality management systems.

This provides fast, accurate and up-to-date data, making it easier to make decisions and identify potential problems.

4. Multimedia and visual documentation

Mobile tablets offer the possibility of using multimedia functions such as taking photos or videos. This allows employees to visually document problems or non-conformities encountered during quality checks.

Images can be included in quality reports or files, facilitating communication and subsequent analysis.

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5. Monitoring and control history

Mobile tablets allow quality control data to be stored electronically. This makes it easier to manage information, access previous reports and create a history of the checks carried out. This makes it easier to monitor changes in quality, identify trends or recurring problems, and take appropriate corrective action.

In summary, the use of mobile tablets for quality control offers flexibility, ease of use and real-time data collection, improving the efficiency and accuracy of quality control processes.

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