Customer experience plays a crucial role in the success of quality assurance in a company. Customers are more demanding and attach great importance to the quality of service. Implementing a solution such as Qualimobi is the key to creating quality control and access to tracking data.

First of all, what is customer experience?

Customer experience is the experience of interacting with a company. It refers to the entire customer journey, from enquiry to service, through request, service, payment and receipt of a service.

Customer experience is therefore the basis for the success of a company’s quality control.

Expérience client contrôle qualité

What are the stages of a good customer experience?

  • First impressions count: The first interaction between a customer and a company can greatly influence the overall perception. A positive customer experience from the start can generate interest, build trust and encourage customers to stay loyal to a brand. SENEF’s Qualimobi enables companies to deliver a smooth and pleasant experience from the first contact.

  • Personalisation for a tailor-made service: each client is unique, and expectations vary from one client to another. Personalisation is essential if we want to offer a tailor-made service.

  • Omni-channel for a seamless experience: Today’s customers use different channels to interact with a company, whether online, over the phone or in person. To maintain customer satisfaction, it is essential to provide a consistent and seamless experience across all channels.

  • The importance of customer feedback: Listening to customers and taking their feedback into account is essential to continuously improve the customer experience. By taking customer feedback into account, companies can adjust their processes and improve their service offering. This makes it easier for companies to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

The Qualimobi solution in response to the expectations of companies and customers.

It is therefore essential to create a quality control experience for the customer. Quality control is the key to meeting business and customer expectations.

Qualimobi offers functions such as :

  • Data collection

  • Analysing this data helps companies to better understand their customers’ needs and tailor their services accordingly.

  • An omnichannel solution

  • Collecting customer feedback

  • Assessing customer satisfaction

Assessing customer satisfaction

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